Cutting Dry Hair - What are the advantages?

Posted by Travis Jones on

Cutting Dry Hair can set you apart!

Cutting dry hair has several advantages compared to cutting wet hair:

  1. Precision: Dry hair allows for more precise cutting because the stylist can see the exact shape and length of the hair as it will be when styled. Wet hair can appear longer and thicker than it really is, and can also change shape as it dries.

  2. Texture: Dry hair allows the stylist to see the natural texture and movement of the hair, which can help in creating a more customized and personalized haircut that complements the client's hair type and style preferences.

  3. Control: Dry hair is easier to control during cutting, as it does not slip and slide like wet hair can. This can result in a more even and balanced haircut.

  4. Efficiency: Cutting dry hair can be more time-efficient than cutting wet hair, as the stylist does not need to spend time blow-drying or combing out the hair before cutting.

Overall, cutting dry hair can lead to a more precise, personalized, and efficient haircut, which can result in greater client satisfaction.

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