Professional Shear & Scissor Sharpening Service

Professional Shear & Scissor Sharpening Service

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We sharpen all brands and styles of beauty shears, as well as industrial and fabric scissors. We will take your shears through a rigorous process to ensure that they are cutting as best as they possibly can. If your shears are not cutting perfectly, we will send them, at our cost, back to you. All shears will be:

1. Inspected thoroughly - Before any sharpening is performed, we will take a close look. We will determine how the shear is cutting incorrectly and begin service from there. Bumpers, washers, screws, etc will be replaced at no charge. 

2. Taken apart (Beauty Shears)- Proper cleaning, sharpening, honing, and lubricating, can only be done if the shear is taken apart. We do not skip this step to just get a shear cutting again. 

3. Sharpened - We remove the least amount of metal possible. This means we don't just start with the roughest abrasives because it is fastest. We reestablish the Inside Ride Line of the shear by hand honing on a wet stone. Then we use a Wolff Hira To to begin sharpening each blade. 

4. Honed - We finely polish most shear edges with a 3 micron diamond paste. This ensures smooth, reliable cutting and an edge that will retain sharpness. There are some styles and types of shears that cut better with a slightly rougher edge. In that case, we will normally hone your edges to a slightly coarser finish. 

5. Assembled and Oiled - We put your shear back together and test cut with real human hair. We set the proper tension and make sure your shear is aligned properly. We will not bend your shear blades unless we contact you first.


1. Select Shear Type - Purchase the quantity of shears that you need sharpened.

2. Select Postage - With or Without mailing label. We will email you a label to send the shears if you select "with mailing label". 

3. Secure your Shears - wrap rubber bands around blades to prevent opening and closing while in transit. 

4. Wrap Securely - Bubble wrap works great. Just make sure they are not bouncing around while they are traveling.

5. Send Them In - If you have any special instructions, put them in the notes for the order. 



We will return your shears within 1 week of receiving them. 

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