Wolff All Metal Poultry Shears - Ergonomic, High Leverage, Balltip - Made in USA - Choose Style

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  • Heavy Duty, Professional Poultry Shears for Large Operations, Small & Independent Chicken Famers, Home Growers, Chefs, and Butcher
  • All Metal, High Leverage, Quality Poultry Scissors that can stand up to the demands of Poultry Fabrication
  • Manufactured by Wolff Industries, America's leader in Professional shears and scissors for several industries. Ball tip shears are perfect for the Evis Line. Make your poultry operations smoother and more productive with these highly engineered poultry shears.
  • Wolff Poultry shears are all proudly MADE in the USA. Wolff works with poultry plants all over the world to make work flows more productive and efficient. These scissors are Professionally Sharpened and Honed from pivot to tip on Both Blades (Thumb and Finger). The set (alignment) is always checked and the Pivot Tension is adjusted for proper cutting that will be effective but also reduce hand fatigue. All shears are tested for cutting before shipping. They will cut Smoothly on your first use.