Show Gear Supreme Righty 8.0 Pet Grooming Shears - Choose Straight, Curved, or Set

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The Show Gear Supreme Series is designed for Exceptional Value. These are high quality shears at Fantastic Prices

Choose 8.0 Straight, Curved, or Save with the 3 Shear Set. The set includes 8.0 Straight, 8.0 Curved, 54 Tooth Thinner, and Faux Leather Case

Right Handed, Exceptional Balance. The Supreme series features even handles, 2 Removable finger tangs, Razor Sharp semi-convex edges, and Micro Serrated edges to prevent hair from "Pushing"

Smooth Satin Finish

Adjustable Flat Screw Assembly

Fantastic Value for Great for Professional and Home Groomers

    Model Information

    Model: Show Gear Supreme Shears

    Right Hand Straight: 8.0"

    Right Hand Curved: 8.0"

    Lefty Thinner: 54 Teeth (7.0 Length)

    Model Details

    Handle: Even

    Edge: Bevel

    Assembly: External, Flat Screw

    Recommended for: Everyday Grooming