Kenchii Pets - Happy Puppy Home Dog Grooming Shears / Scissors Choose Your Size 5.5 or 6.5

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VALUE - The Kenchii Happy Puppy Series is designed for Exceptional Value and are perfect for people who want to groom dogs at home. Kenchii has been manufacturing professional grooming shears for many years and are the most well known brand in the Pet Grooming Industry. That same knowledge and quality craftsmanship is being applied to the Happy Puppy Shears for Home Dog Groomers. 

SHARP - Choose 5.5 or 6.5 Length. The Measurement is from "tip to tang" and includes the finger rest. The Scissor Blade is manufactured using high carbon Stainless Steel. The sharp edges are very durable and will last much longer than similar home dog grooming scissors. The  edges have Micro Serrations that will prevent hair "slipping" and "pushing." For cutting hair on one to three dogs monthly, you can expect to get 1-2 years from these shears before they need sharpening.

COMFORT - The offset handle is Extremely Comfortable and will keep your hand in a natural position as you cut your dog's hair. The adjustable flat screw assembly makes it easy to adjust the tension on these shears. Just a simple turn of a flat head screwdriver and you'll get the exact feel that you like. Cutting dog hair can already put you in all sorts of contorted positions. Why not have comfortable scissors while you're doing it?

CUTE - Smooth Satin Finish - The smooth satin finish on these grooming scissors features adorable puppies playing with balls, sitting in boxes, and holding hearts. You won't forget which scissors that you use to cut dog hair!
SAFE - The tips of the scissors are rounded off and shaped like hearts. This will keep you from accidentally hurting yourself or your dog. Poke Not!