Kenchii Grooming - T3 Three Ring Handle Shears - Choose Straight or Curved and Your Size from 7.0 to 8.0

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The T3 series features a special 3-ringed handle to Ensure Correct Hand Positioning and comfort.

Your fingers will be Automatically Conditioned to be spaced apart properly. These shears are ergonomic and comfortable while providing support to your fingers, wrist, and elbow while working.

Japanese stainless steel alloy guarantees a strong and durable beveled edge and the external tension dial makes for easy adjustment.

Kenchii Level 2 products provide stylists with exceptional quality, performance, and value. This is a high carbon Japanese stainless steel with great corrosion resistance, good strength, and the ability to maintain an excellent edge.

Rockwell: 55—57

Model Information

Model: T3 Three Ring Handle

Straight: 7.0" and 8.0"

Curved:  7.0" and 8.0"

Model Details

Handle: Offset / 3 Ring

Edge: Bevel

Material: Level 2

Assembly: External

Recommended for: Everyday