Kenchii Grooming - Spider Offset Handle 8.0 Shears / Scissors Choose Straight or Curved

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Kenchii Spider shears are Serrated to Minimize Slippage and Enhance Cutting Performance. The Spider Line is geared towards the working groomer to cut consistently and effortlessly with the toughest and thickest of coats. High Volume Pet Groomers have come to depend on Kenchii, and in particular the Spider series. They will perform much longer than traditionally beveled shear blades because of the serrations.

The Ergonomic Offset Handles make the Spider shears extremely comfortable. The Click Dial tension assembly makes it easy to tighten and loosen your shears to your liking.

The Spider series shears are made with Level 2 Kenchii material, which is great for Professional Pet Groomers across the spectrum of experience. Beginners and seasoned groomers alike have been happy with the cutting performance and edge endurance. The Spider shears were previously only available in sets, but the shears are all available individually now. Choose 8" Straight or Curved.

Kenchii Level 2 products provide stylists with exceptional quality, performance, and value. This is a high carbon Japanese stainless steel with great corrosion resistance, good strength, and the ability to maintain an excellent edge. The Rockwell Hardness of the Kenchii Spider shears measures between 55 and 57

    Model Information

    Model: KESP Spider Offset

    Straight: 8.0"

    Curved: 8.0"

    Model Details

    Handle: Even

    Edge: Bevel, Serrated

    Material: Level 2

    Assembly: Click Dial

    Recommended for: Everyday, High Volume