Kenchii Grooming - Shinobi Texture Shears - Choose 21, 32, 36, or 46 Teeth

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Available in 21 Tooth (7.5 in.), 32 Tooth, 36 Tooth & 46 Tooth (6.5 in.)

Premium Materials guarantee a long lasting, razor sharp edge.

The Shinobi line of shears provides an exceptionally smooth cut. Shinobi offers an ultra sharp semi-convex edge well suited for fine finish work or everyday grooming.

The offset handle with permanent finger rest provides comfortable hand positioning during your grooming session.

Model Information

Model: KESH Shinobi Texture

Blender: 21T (7.5" total length)

Thinner: 32T, 36T, 46T (total length 6.5")

Model Details

Handle: Offset

Edge: Semi-convex

Material: Level 3

Assembly: External

Recommended for: Everyday, Finishing