Kenchii Grooming - Scorpion Texture Shears - Choose 24 or 46 Teeth

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The Scorpion models are affordable and perfect for the beginner, home groomer, or the seasoned Pet Grooming professional.

The Kenchii Scorpion Line of Professional Grooming Shears for Dogs Are a Staple in The Industry. Whether you are new to grooming or an established professional, The Scorpion line of Dog Grooming Scissors can serve your needs.

Scorpion Texture Shears are offered as a 24 Tooth Blender, or a 46 Tooth Thinner The 24 Tooth removes higher volumes of hair quickly while blending the coat. The 46 Tooth is great for detail work and finishing a cut.

Model Information

Model: KESC Scorpion Texture Shears

Blender: 24 Tooth (total length 8.0")

Thinner: 46 Tooth (total length 7.0")

Model Details

Handle: Even

Edge: Semi-convex

Material: Level 1

Assembly: External, Click Dial

Recommended for: Everyday