Kenchii Grooming - Rose Gold Texture Shears - Choose 25 or 54 Teeth

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Perfect for the beginner or home groomer, as well as the seasoned professional.

The Kenchii Rose Gold Line of Professional Grooming Shears for Dogs Offer a Beautiful Look and Superior Performance. Whether you are new to grooming or an established professional, The New Rose Gold line of Dog Grooming Scissors can serve your needs. Available in a a 25 Tooth Blender or 54 Tooth Thinner.

Kenchii Rosé scissors and thinners are made from our proprietary level 2 Japanese molybdenum materials enrobed with rose gold titanium. Semi-convex, micro-serrated edge is designed to reduce slippage and enhance cutting performance. Great for everyday grooming.

All shears come with oiler and ring insert.

Model Information

Model: KERO Rosé Texture

Blender: 25 Tooth (total length 8.0")

Thinner: 54 Tooth (total length 7.0")

Model Details

Handle: Offset with fixed molded finger rest

Edge: Semi-convex micro-serrated

Material: Level 2

Assembly: Custom adjustable

Recommended for: Everyday