Kenchii Grooming - Lotus 8.0 Shear Set-Straight, Curved, Thinner, Case

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Set includes animal-friendly KEL5Z faux leather 5-shear case ($35 MSRP), Level 3 molybdenum Lotus 8.0" straight shear, 8.0" curved shear, and 46-tooth 6.5" thinner.

The Lotus collection boasts a true convex edge that melts through even the toughest coats.   

This finishing shear is made from our superior level 3 material ensuring strength and durability.

The hand honed Molybdenum alloy blade provides smooth and quiet operation.

Model Information

Model: KELO Lotus
Straight: 8.0"
Curved: 8.0"
Thinner: 46T (Total Length 6.5")
Case: KEL5Z Black

Model Details

Handle: Offset
Edge: Convex
Material: Level 3
Assembly: External
Recommended for: Fine Finishing Work