Kenchii Grooming - Lefty Shinobi Texture Shears - Choose 21 or 36 Teeth

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Razor sharp, durable semi convex edge. The Lefty Shinobi thinners are perfect for everyday grooming and finish work.

Superior tension dial assembly dressed up with the Japanese ninja star emblem for easy adjustment

Classic offset handle provides superior comfort and control

Left Handed with permanent molded finger rest

The Shinobi line of lefty shears provides an exceptionally smooth cut. This shear offers an ultra sharp semi-convex edge well suited for fine finish work or everyday grooming. The offset handle with permanent finger rest provides comfortable hand positioning during your grooming session.

The 21 Tooth Blender is great for quicker hair removal and is 7.5” in total length. The 36 Tooth Thinner is great for finishing work and general-purpose thinning tasks. It is 6.5” in total length.

Model Information

Model: KESHL Shinobi Lefty Texture

Blender: 21 Tooth (total length 7.5")

Thinner: 36 Tooth (total length 6.5")

Model Details

Handle: Offset Lefty

Edge: Semi-convex

Material: Level 3

Assembly: Adjustable Click Dial

Recommended for: Everyday, Finishing, Volume Removal