Kenchii Grooming - Lefty Pink Poodle Texture Shears - Choose 18 or 44 Teeth

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The Kenchii Lefty Pink Poodle Professional Grooming Scissors offer style, quality & durability. The Pink Poodle™ shear provides an effortless cut through even the coarsest of coats.

Available in LEFTY 44 or 18 Teeth

Level 3 molybdenum Pink Poodle LEFTY 44 tooth thinner (perfect for finishing and detail work) or 18 tooth 7.0-inch blender(great for high volume hair removal). The Pink Poodle shear provides an effortless cut through the coarsest of coats.

The semi-convex edges are suitable for everyday grooming or finish work and the level 3 alloy ensures a long lasting sharp edge.

With the poodle patterned finish of the bold magenta titanium and the impressive, reliable performance, this shear is truly unique!

Model Information
Model: KEPPL Pink Poodle Lefty Texture
Blender: 18 Tooth (total length 7.0")
Thinner: 44 Tooth (total length 7.0")
Model Details
Handle: Offset with fixed molded finger rest
Edge: Semi-convex
Material: Level 3
Assembly: Custom Adjustable Click Dial
Recommended for: Everyday, Finishing, Volume Removal