Kenchii Beauty - Lumina Lefty Shear / Scissor 5.5 or 6.0

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  • Kenchii's Lefty Lumina is one of the best values out there for beginner hair stylists, and it works great as a high volume cutting shear.
  • The Left Handed Envy Lumina is made from quality level 2 materials and has a Comfortable offset handle with a Slanted Thumb Design. 
  • The Lumina custom assembly is embedded with Bright, Colorful stones.The convex edge ensures unmatched cutting power.
  • Kenchii level 1 products are great for beginners and everyday stylists. They provide exceptional value for your money without sacrificing quality and performance. This entry level Japanese stainless steel has good hardness, corrosion resistance and is able to keep a great edge.
    Rockwell: 54--55
  • Model Information
    Model: Lefty Lumina Shear
    Size: 5.5 or 6.0
    Handle: Offset
    Edge: Semi Convex
    Material: Level 1
    Assembly: Custom Internal
    Recommended for: Everyday Cutting, Beginner Stylists