Joyzze™ C-Series 5 in 1 Style Clipper Blades

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Joyzze C-Series 5 in 1 Style Clipper Blades

• Compatible with Joyzze™ Hornet | Stinger & Most 5-in-1 Clippers •

C-MAX Blades (Non-Adjustable)

Experience the next generation of innovation with Joyzze C-Max series blades.  Designed to run cooler and deliver exceptional performance and durability.  When compared to using blades with guard combs, expect to glide through coats in record time with better results.

5-in-1 Standard | Fine Blades (Adjustable)

Joyzze C-S/C-F adjustable blade provides 5 different cutting lengths in one blade.  Designed and calibrated to run cooler, stay sharp longer and deliver exceptional performance each time.  Works perfectly with Joyzze 5 -in-1 Stainless steel attachment.

#45 Blade (Non-Adjustable)

Joyzze C-45 Blade is engineered for fine and precision cutting.  Special materials and processes are used to ensure that the blade will stay sharp longer, run cooler and deliver ultimate performance. Perfect for pads, paws, face, ears as well as surgical prep work.