Joyzze™ Hornet C-Series Clippers - Available in Teal, Grey, or Purple

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Joyzze Hornet C-Series 5 in 1 Clipper

2 Speed Transmission -  The Joyzze™ Hornet can flawlessly toggle between 5000 and 6000 SPMs (Strokes Per Minute) 

240 Minute Runtime -  The Joyzze™ Hornet has a charge time of 120 minutes and a runtime of up to 240 minutes. One of the best in its class!

USB-C Connection -  Corded and Cordless operation with the Joyzze™ Hornet. Convenience all the way through your groom.

Low Noise Output -  The Joyzze™ Hornet is a quiet ≥60dB. Industry leading low noise output.

Constant Power -  The Joyzze™ Hornet has Active Torque: the motor will speed up its RPMs when detecting a thicker coat.

Ergonomic | Lightweight -  The Joyzze™ Hornet weighs 245g | 8.64oz.

Joyzze™ Hornet is designed with a high-performance smart motor that delivers up to 6000 SPM of power.  This compact, lightweight design can tackle a wide range of applications and features a 2-speed transmission.

Blades Included with Clipper: 

(1) C-Series | 5-in-1 Standard Blade

Charge Time:
80 Minutes
Run Time:
240 Minutes
5000-6000 SPM
5V - 1A 5W
Lithium Battery:
3.7V 2000mAh

Package Includes:

Clipper | Magnetic horizontal charging station | Attachment combs:3mm / 6mm / 10mm | Non-Slip grip sleeve | USB Type-C cable (240cm/7.87ft) | Brush | Lubricant oil (8ml/0.27oz) | Manual

Blades Included:(1) C-Series | 5-in-1 Standard Blade