Kenchii Beauty - Lefty Matrix Swivel Thumb Shear / Scissor 5.5 or 6.0

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  • The Lefty Matrix Swivel shear is ideal for those with Carpal Tunnel and Hand Fatigue. While Swivel Thumb shears do take some getting used to through Experience, it can really pay off in the long run!
  • The convex edge provides Razor Sharp and precise cutting performance.
  • This is a great shear for the career minded stylist how is in the game for the Long Haul. This Lefty Shear will last your whole career, and the Matrix Lefty Shear will continue to give you the cutting performance that you need. The Matrix Swivel is great for longevity, comfort and high quality work. Keep your clients coming back by giving them your best!
  • Kenchii level 4 products were created to satisfy the needs of elite stylists and platform artists who demand ultimate performance and design. A truly High-End top of the line metal, mixed with pure base cobalt and vanadium for Super Strength, Durability, wear resistance, and Corrosion Resistance. Rockwell: 60--62
  • Model Information
    Model: Lefty Matrix Swivel Thumb Shear
    Size: 5.5 or 6.0
    Handle: Swivel Lefty
    Edge: Semi Convex
    Material: Level 4
    Assembly: Internal
    Recommended for: High End, Professional Stylists

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